Hand-Picked resources for Your Next Project

Explore my curated list of resources for data science and development. This are some useful things I’ve found through the years, and that have helped me on my journey. Find helpful tools, articles, guides, and more.


  • Modern Python Developer’s Toolkit: A workshop by Sebastian Witowski in PyCon2020 where he explains common tools used by python developers on their setups. You can check the video or the article
  • Natural Language Processing in Python: A workshop by Alice Zhao in PyOhio 2018 where she goes through an NLP project and explains various techniques you can use in your own projects. This is definitely a good starting point and the inspiration behind my Newspaper Analysis Series. You can find the video here.
  • iOS App in Python with Kivy: A Youtube series by Erick Sandberg who he walks through the process of developing a Kivy App from start to finish.

Tools I like

  • Midnight Commander: A file manager for the terminal. I found this while setting up my Raspberry Pi for development. You can find a great tutorial in TechCraft’s channel. You can install it using your package manager.